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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One more set back for DUNYA TV

After series of resignation one more is added in it,now of Fahad Hussain former anchor at Express News and Director News Dunya Tv.He resign Dunya on the bases of difference at editorial policy,its not new we have seen many other left Dunya just because of its editorial policy.Firstly Mr Aftab Iqbal left Dunya on the editorial freedom issue which he accepted in his interview with Sohail Warich in a program "Ek din Geo k saat" Aftab was doing his famous program "Hisba Haal" which got tremendous rating among all other he is on Geo News.After Aftab Iqbal Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq left Dunya to Geo News,then Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas after that Dr Moheed Pirzada and now Director News Fahad Hussain, about fahad there are some unconform reports that he is going to join SAMAA TV.a writing piece written by Dr Moeed Pirzada on his page on Face book is that:
"Hi! three days ago on 11th March, I and Fahd Hussain, Director Dunya News, were both invited to speak by National Defense University (NDU) in Islamabad, to speak in their annual Security Workshop. Topic was "National Security & Media", it was followed by Q&A session in which many people asked me that why Anchors keep changing channels? Is it that for more money? and that why I left Dunya TV? I explained that whereas some do change channels for bigger pay cheques most of the time it has to do with the "internal politics" that goes on inside the channels and in my case I had realized that Dunya TV was undergoing a cultural change and that I was fast becoming a misfit in this new evolving culture of Dunya TV. I had no option but to leave before I lose my self-respect...and contrary to what many think I am actually getting less money and privileges at the Sate broadcaster than I was getting at a private channel; I then pointed towards Fahd who was sitting next to me and said: " Fahd Husssain too is a misfit in that new culture of Dunya TV, and I don't see him surviving in Dunya TV for long"..everyone laughed and Fahd Hussain was embarrassed, he then said, "Moeed has publicly announced my obituary, lets see what happens?" on 14th May, only three days later he resigned from Dunya TV...which was received like a 'bombshell' in Pakistan's electronic media..because since October many have left or given marching orders: Yousaf Baig Mirza who launched Dunya TV; Nusrat Javed & Mushtaq Minhas; Najam Sethi, Moeed Pirzada and finally Fahd intellectually speaking what kind of channel Dunya TV is becoming?

Why is this important? it is important because Pakistani media has entered a new interesting phase where this question that who governs a public platform like a national tv has assumed importance. So far governments, political parties, intellectuals and civil society organizations have all treated private Cable & Satellite channels as merely private entities, private businesses to be governed by their owners, referred to as "Seths" but are these channels mere private entities to be used, misused by private businessmen in their own ends? or they represent something more important to the society? do people have a right to know what is going on inside these platforms? Should there be Editorial boards inside these channels? should there be prescribed qualifications as to who can sit on these Editorial boards? ...these questions are inextricably linked with public interest and criticism of media persons, reporters and Anchors which is happening for the past several months and shows the importance public at large attaches to the issues of 'integrity' in media... but now in reality it is the "Seths" who are calling shots, and determining the kind of content that is carried by the Channels...these are very interesting questions for our times, because tv channels influence public opinion and politics of the nation and I wonder if they can be treated as cement or sugar plants? Is a tv channel and a biscuit factory the same? just businesses? What is the legitimacy of the "Seths" to run tv channels the way they consider it fit? Is having lots of money sufficient to give you power to influence public opinion and direction of politics in the country?..after all what is the criterion to own tv channels? these are important questions, they are not related to Dunya TV or GEO, they are broader questions of national & public interest for answers to these questions will determine the future of media and politics in Pakistan... " .     

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