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Friday, March 25, 2011

Media Times Sacked more then 200 employs

Media Times Sacked more then 200 employs
Employs threaten to commit suicide if dues will not clear

Karachi: sacked employs of MEDIA TIMES held a protest outside press club against outstanding dues and other unpaid benefits. Angry protesters shouted slogans against Media Times Limited (Businessplus TV,Daily Times,Daily Aaj Kal and Zaiqa TV) later an employs held a press conference inside Karachi press club with which Adnan Hussain, Sameer Ayub,Ali Nawaz and Mohsin Mughal address. They pointed out that more then 200 employs had been sacked by Media Times without informing or any other prior notice. at the time of termination it was pledge by HR manager Ajmal Zadi that employs would get their salaries on time but after many reminders there is no response from Media Times. six month salaries with Gratuity amount is outstanding, when employs contacted sheryar Taseer CEO of Media Times he assure without any commitment that all dues would be clear in a month or two, but till now after 4 month there is no response now its turn into threats to the employs that if they will demand or launch any protest they will be responsible for the consequences.  
In the press conference many employs told their griefs that how they are living without money many employs children’s are suspended from their educations because of non payment of fees.employs warn they Media Times that if anyone would committee sucide the Sheryar Taseer and his company would be responsible.
Media Times employs requested PFUJ and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar hudary that take up this issue on 
priority basis before it would be too late.

Media Times employs Press conference and Protest

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