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Friday, January 28, 2011

Reasons Behind Meher Bokhari Sacking!!

Here you will know why mehere bokhari is sacked from SAMAA TV and which forces are behind that matter,its very simple to say that she handled the blasphemy law case unprofessionally thats why she is sacked but the reality is not like that.
The Murder of Salmaan Taseer held on 4th of Jan on that night she did a program which clear that matter salmaan taseer was not against that law,see that video below

if Meher Bokhari did not have any agenda then why she is sacked,now follow me
on 25 of November Hamid Mir wrote a column in daily Jang about Blasphemy Law and Meher Bokhari picked that column in her program and wrongly quted it see that column and then her program

after reading that column now see this video in which Meher doing an interview with salmaan taseer about his stand on Blasphemy.

After the assination of salmaan taseer on 5th Jan Meher did a show which was controversial among liberals thats why she faced great opposition in this show she took calls in whcih mostly peoples supported Qadari act on assassination,  check that show below

now there are some question which comes in mind after studying this case

1)  Why Meher Bokhari sacked after a long time because she did this show when salmaan taseer alive.
2) From where the pressure came to SAMAA TV so they decided to sack meher bokhari.
3) PEMRA fined samaa for on airing Qadri video why that matter is not a hot topic.
4) is there any foreign power behind it because according to some information in SAMAA TV there is foreign investment.


  1. Well done bro ... nice initiative ...keep it up =)

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    Syed Muhammad Yahya.

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