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Friday, March 25, 2011

Media Times Sacked more then 200 employs

Media Times Sacked more then 200 employs
Employs threaten to commit suicide if dues will not clear

Karachi: sacked employs of MEDIA TIMES held a protest outside press club against outstanding dues and other unpaid benefits. Angry protesters shouted slogans against Media Times Limited (Businessplus TV,Daily Times,Daily Aaj Kal and Zaiqa TV) later an employs held a press conference inside Karachi press club with which Adnan Hussain, Sameer Ayub,Ali Nawaz and Mohsin Mughal address. They pointed out that more then 200 employs had been sacked by Media Times without informing or any other prior notice. at the time of termination it was pledge by HR manager Ajmal Zadi that employs would get their salaries on time but after many reminders there is no response from Media Times. six month salaries with Gratuity amount is outstanding, when employs contacted sheryar Taseer CEO of Media Times he assure without any commitment that all dues would be clear in a month or two, but till now after 4 month there is no response now its turn into threats to the employs that if they will demand or launch any protest they will be responsible for the consequences.  
In the press conference many employs told their griefs that how they are living without money many employs children’s are suspended from their educations because of non payment of fees.employs warn they Media Times that if anyone would committee sucide the Sheryar Taseer and his company would be responsible.
Media Times employs requested PFUJ and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar hudary that take up this issue on 
priority basis before it would be too late.

Media Times employs Press conference and Protest

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One more set back for DUNYA TV

After series of resignation one more is added in it,now of Fahad Hussain former anchor at Express News and Director News Dunya Tv.He resign Dunya on the bases of difference at editorial policy,its not new we have seen many other left Dunya just because of its editorial policy.Firstly Mr Aftab Iqbal left Dunya on the editorial freedom issue which he accepted in his interview with Sohail Warich in a program "Ek din Geo k saat" Aftab was doing his famous program "Hisba Haal" which got tremendous rating among all other he is on Geo News.After Aftab Iqbal Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq left Dunya to Geo News,then Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas after that Dr Moheed Pirzada and now Director News Fahad Hussain, about fahad there are some unconform reports that he is going to join SAMAA TV.a writing piece written by Dr Moeed Pirzada on his page on Face book is that:
"Hi! three days ago on 11th March, I and Fahd Hussain, Director Dunya News, were both invited to speak by National Defense University (NDU) in Islamabad, to speak in their annual Security Workshop. Topic was "National Security & Media", it was followed by Q&A session in which many people asked me that why Anchors keep changing channels? Is it that for more money? and that why I left Dunya TV? I explained that whereas some do change channels for bigger pay cheques most of the time it has to do with the "internal politics" that goes on inside the channels and in my case I had realized that Dunya TV was undergoing a cultural change and that I was fast becoming a misfit in this new evolving culture of Dunya TV. I had no option but to leave before I lose my self-respect...and contrary to what many think I am actually getting less money and privileges at the Sate broadcaster than I was getting at a private channel; I then pointed towards Fahd who was sitting next to me and said: " Fahd Husssain too is a misfit in that new culture of Dunya TV, and I don't see him surviving in Dunya TV for long"..everyone laughed and Fahd Hussain was embarrassed, he then said, "Moeed has publicly announced my obituary, lets see what happens?" on 14th May, only three days later he resigned from Dunya TV...which was received like a 'bombshell' in Pakistan's electronic media..because since October many have left or given marching orders: Yousaf Baig Mirza who launched Dunya TV; Nusrat Javed & Mushtaq Minhas; Najam Sethi, Moeed Pirzada and finally Fahd intellectually speaking what kind of channel Dunya TV is becoming?

Why is this important? it is important because Pakistani media has entered a new interesting phase where this question that who governs a public platform like a national tv has assumed importance. So far governments, political parties, intellectuals and civil society organizations have all treated private Cable & Satellite channels as merely private entities, private businesses to be governed by their owners, referred to as "Seths" but are these channels mere private entities to be used, misused by private businessmen in their own ends? or they represent something more important to the society? do people have a right to know what is going on inside these platforms? Should there be Editorial boards inside these channels? should there be prescribed qualifications as to who can sit on these Editorial boards? ...these questions are inextricably linked with public interest and criticism of media persons, reporters and Anchors which is happening for the past several months and shows the importance public at large attaches to the issues of 'integrity' in media... but now in reality it is the "Seths" who are calling shots, and determining the kind of content that is carried by the Channels...these are very interesting questions for our times, because tv channels influence public opinion and politics of the nation and I wonder if they can be treated as cement or sugar plants? Is a tv channel and a biscuit factory the same? just businesses? What is the legitimacy of the "Seths" to run tv channels the way they consider it fit? Is having lots of money sufficient to give you power to influence public opinion and direction of politics in the country?..after all what is the criterion to own tv channels? these are important questions, they are not related to Dunya TV or GEO, they are broader questions of national & public interest for answers to these questions will determine the future of media and politics in Pakistan... " .     

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A bad day for Jang Group

Tuesday (March 1) turned out to be a bad day for Jang Group as inside a few hours it was dealt a double blow in the Supreme Court.
The group could not keep away the state-run PTV from airing ICC World Cup Cricket matches on cable networks. It also received a separate contempt notice.
Mir Ibrahim ur Rehman, Chief Executive Officer of Geo TV and son of Mir Shakeelur Rehman was given the contempt notice after allegedly manhandling PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) counsel, senior lawyer Ali Raza.
Ali accused Ibrahim of violating court norms by trying to meet acting chairman PEMRA in private but when he (Ali) tried to keep Ibrahim away from his client, he started pushing him and used foul language.
Ali filed a contempt petition against Ibrahim following which Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry issued notice to Ibrahim.
Meanwhile, Islamabad High Court also issued notice to a reporter of daily Jang and his organization in a contempt petition filed by PEMRA.
PEMRA accused the reporter of misquoting court orders regarding telecast rights of ICC World CupPEMRA accused the 

PTV vs GEO check the link

Friday, March 4, 2011

Behind The Scenes – Pepsi Pakistan ICC World Cup 2011 TVC

We’re lucky to get these sneak preview behind the scene videos of the Pakistan Cricket Team shooting for the Pepsi Pakistan’s ICC World Cup 2011 TV commercial. Watch the stars in a fun and exciting mood as they shoot for the ad, with bloopers and Afridi celebrating his birthday towards the end of the second video. The background song is by Ali Zafar who signed up for Pepsi last month.
Wishing team Pakistan the best of luck in World Cup 2011. Hopes high… Fingers Crossed!
Yeh Dunya Hai Dil Walon Ki!

PTV workers ask CJP to take note of corruption

PTV  workers  have  requested  the  Chief  Justice  of  the  Supreme  Court   Mr.Justice  Iftkhar  Chaudhry  to  take  suo  moto action  against  massive  corruption  in  state  run  corporation.

A  joint  statement  said  the Corruption touching peak in PTV. May face PIA like situation. MrChief Justice Please take Suo Moto

Turmoil like PIA is surfacing in PTV which is also one of the most important organization, being run through public money in shape of Rs 35 per month on account of license fee, which is the only major earning source of PTV.

Since the joining of Yousuf Baig Mirza as MD PTV both financial and moral corruption is on the rise and touching new heights.

he is damaging PTV ,s structure as he had been working with private sector networks, and there are evidences that he is just damaging this professional institution on the instructions of his private sector bosses, who are seen visiting him at PTV headquarter.

Particularly owner of Dunya TV and Geo, who is more interested in cricket world cup revenue.

He has been hired on highest ever pay package of Rs 1200000/=, with the additional 3% on earning of advertisement revenue which is again un thinkable as if he is been hired on hefty pay package then why this 3%

PTV is suffering huge loses since 1997 the year of his joining. He and Arshad Khan so called professional CEO of PTV has ruined this national institution during the last decade, but have minted money for themselves.

Since his taking over as MD PTV, he has hired around 400 people in sheer violation of PTV rules and Court directions given on various occasion.

Yousuf baig Mirza, commonly known as YBM as famous for both moral and financial corruption. If his name is goggled one can see dozens of pages elaborating his corruption during the period of dictator Pervez Musharaf , here is the  links bellow for the benefits of readers.


Even he sexually harassed one anchor Maheen Usmanai at Duniya TV she knocked doors every who have helping her but she had all the backing of owner of Duniya News including Nasim Zehra a tout of Khakeez.

Reportedly he has paid 3 crore to the son of Prime Minster with monthly commitment as well.

He has also committed to pay FAISAL Raza Abdi from the earnings from world Cup and award of contract for ATV and Proposed English Channel.

The hired persons are those who even have been rejected or terminated from the private sector channels on a bad performance or on moral corruption here some.

At the time of his fresh appointment there were several enquiries pending against him that included massive corruption in purchase of third grade equipment for Chaghi Studio, which is still in progress,. Soon after taking over he has cleared himself from the corruption he had committed in election 2008, an reconstituted enquiry committee on financial scam of agreement with international sport channel for ICC Cricket cup 2011.

So much so his partner in corruption since 1997 M r Fakher Hameed was promoted as director from back date. Both remained partners in sex and financial scandals.

Now he has the services of another pimp Mr Kazim Ali kahn who, back ground will be elaborated latter.  
He is now trying to please regular employees so that they give him some relief by not going to  court as they had been to the high court a year ago and got relief against some contract employees  but YBM is ignoring these court decisions.

He has also made partner another corrupt Mr Sawrwar Munir Rao, who is now trying to get extension after reaching age of superannuation. Mr rao has got appointed dozens of his relatives in PTV through illegal means and making money through them.

He has given huge salary jumps to several contract employees ranging from Rs 150000/= to 200000/=

If  Record of appointments from January 2008 till date is confiscated, huge corruption would be unearthed.

All new appointments that have been made are sheer in violation of PTV and Government rules, provincial quotas. And age limits.
Sadia Afzal

She is the lady who has been hired on package of Rs. 360000/- with facility to stay at home as she heave been hired just as show piece. However since her joining in December she anchored only one programme that was of Prime minister online, so one can understand why she has been appointed on such a huge Package

Marryam Qazi

Another show piece just attract relations with those who matter or could bail YBM out of hot water. She did MBA a year ago, but having without any marketing experience, she has been hired on a package of Rs 200000.

Kazim Ali Khan

A notorious character of private sector who was terminated from Duniya tv  about one and half year ago , on the complaints of female anchors of TV as he was sexually harassing them.

Kazim was also rusticated from the Punjab University for attempting to rape a female class mat.

Before joining Business Plus he had a job in Urdu eveninger reportedly he used to run call girls den. He has been hired on package of around Rs 300000/=
Here in PTV he is just acting For YBM with no assignment at all. Recently he was planted at meeting of journalists at MQM head quarter 90 on the behest of Faisal Raza Abdi, for spying for him.

Ashraf Malkham

Terminated from numbers of channel of private sector on a bad performance. He remained without job for at least 8 month after termination from SAMA TV. He is appointed on package of 250000/= on the recommendation of former Minister for information and broadcasting Qama Zaman Kaira.

He has been appointed as Head of investigation reporting cell, post non existent in PTV, but  given another boost just in a month and he was made head of reporting.He is alos a front man of Qamer Zaman Qaira,

Mian Tahir

Appointed as head of in put on pay package of 250000/=, a post non existent in PTV. He hardly attends office as have little experience of working on high post. His services were terminated from Dunya TV for unknown reasons.

Mohsin Goraya

Again terminated from daily Express on bad performance, reportedly appointed on the instruction of Chairman PTV Mr. Temour Azmat. He has been appointed as Coordinator News and current affair, again post non existent in Ptv. He is a tout of Tamour Azmat and looks after his properties as his original profession is Property dealing. Today he has been given promotion with in  two Months after his appointment

Waheed Hussain

He was reporter with Ptv news just five years ago on pay package of 27 thousand rupees. Earlier he was enjoying all the facilities working as tout of Anwar Mehmood the then secy information . his services were terminated from Waqt  TV on a bad performance, where he was getting only 60 thousands. However he is appointed as coordinator News and current affairs on huge package of 360000/= with the facility of petrol and 6000 calls. One can see his performance on air as anchoring with no knowledge of issues and language.

It is astonishing that if YBM so professional then why he is time and again coming to PTV and ruining the state run TV which has huge potential and can do much better, if its own trained professional are properly given chance and room to work.

It is hard fact that when ever its own professionals have tried to perform, hurdales are created; just to hire from out side

Moeed Pirzada

Former most corrupt custom officer , having passion of becoming pseudo intellectual nd media tycoon as he had millions during his service with customs , is being hired on huge contract of Rs 750000/=

It is sheer wastage of public money and classic case of corruption which needs immediately halt by terminating services of Mr Yusuf Baig Mirza and his cronies.

There hundreds of ghost employees just on the pay role of PTV but never seen in the office. The word Anchor has become a joke in PTV as everyone has been made Anchor by making hefty amount ranging from Rs 100000/ to 750000/=

Here is list of ghost employees of PTV hired from Feb 2008 till date o contract basis . which also creating hurdles in promotion of regular employees and Resource persons who have time and again knocked the doors of the Courts, but still waiting for the remedy. But Mirza is ignoring several court decisions and claiming that he can deal with
the courts.

Shahid Mehmood Nadim

He made million in league with Former MD Arashad Khan through purchase of Private drama;s and entertainment program.only during the period of 2009-10 they purchased programs worth Rs280 million.
List of PTV-Favorites and their Salaries excluding Perks /Privileges
1.      Yousuf Baig Mirza M.D 1200000.00 Plus 3 % on Add Revenue 

3. Shahid Mehmood Nadim 400000/= he was rehired as DMD AFTER REACHING AGE OF  
age of superannuation.
10. SADIA AFZAL PTV NEWS ISD 360000.00 with special privilege to stay t home
11. AMEEN AKHTAR C.S.O. KHI 300000.00
12. MUHAMMAD BANARAS KHAN C.S.O. KHI 200000.00 still with PTV after retirement
13. AMARA DURRANI PTV H.Q. 280000.00 Neice of FarahtUllah Babar 
15. AMJAD BHATTI RESEARCH & POLICY 275000.00 front man of Qama Zaman Kaira and Choudry Manzoor 
18. KAZIM PASHA PTV KHI 175000.00
28. HUMA BAQAI PTV KHI 107000.00
29. ASLAM AZHAR PTV H.Q. 100000.00
32 Mubarak Ali 150000/
33 Azam Khalil 25000/per program, he is close friend of former Secretary info Mr Mansoor Sohail
Son of PPP secy genral Jahangir Bdar Also in the list of ghost employees getting Rs 150000/=

There are dozens more ,  specially with the marketing department whose name only can be ascertained on the directions of courts or highest authorities.
Who will stop this plunder and loot in PTV as even the media and out spoken anchors kept criminal silence, as they also are benefiting from PTV and some are unaware of this corruption.

It’s a clear case of nab and financial crime and CJ is requested to take suo moto and media must give proper place to this issue like corruption in other departments .every single house hold pay Rs 35every month to PTV and they have right to ask for action too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Matiullah Jan Holds Colleagues Accountable, Exposes Corruption In Media

The solution to irresponsibility and unethical behaviour in media lies not with any government interference, but within media itself. Better training, better oversight by editors and industry associations, hiring of ombudsmen, and the type of self-policing that is exemplified by Matiullah Jan’s show Apna Gareebaan on Dawn TV.
On the latest episode Matiullah Jan exposes the corruption within the ranks of media from those who took advantage of government funded Hajj Facility.

Monday, February 28, 2011

National Bank, ARY TV in 100 Million Deal

National Bank, ARY TV in 100 Million Deal
NBP Mafia Prove Mettle by Dictating Terms
Anchor Set to Resign if Programme Not Released

The owners of ARY have reportedly agreed not to bring cases of massive corruption in the National Bank of Pakistan after assurance that they will get a soft loan of Rs 100 million.
The bank has started preparations to transfer funds to the Dubai account of the owners of ARY TV.
It may be recalled that ARY’s anchor Dr. Danish on February 26th brought to lime light some corruption cases in the Bank including the issue of Dr. Mirza Ibrar Baig, alleged to be Indian spy.
He was called a security risk in the light of reports by civilian and military security agencies.
During his programme “Sawal Ya hai” Dr. Danish also announced to run another programme on Feb 27th. That programme was recorded but was never released.
Sources in the bank say that Anwar Majeed and Riaz Laljee, both close friends of President Zardari, perused the owners of TV channel to stop telecasting anything against National Bank.
Dr. Danish is said to be very upset about the developments and wants to resign. He says that he will join any group on one condition that the programme regarding National Bank would be telecasted first.
The situation also speaks of the strength of mafia ruling the roost in the National Bank.
It may be mentioned that Baig is chief of HR in the bank and he has successfully foiled all inquiries against him by offering jobs to the relatives of investigating officers, insiders said.
He recently resigned from the bank but the administration didn’t accepted his resignation.
It may be recalled that the owners of ARY were main to get benefit of the successful attempt by Hussain Lawai, CEO Summit Bank, to transfer billions from the account of MCB to their account in Dubai.
Lawai remain absconder for a decade before being arrested by Interpol and later released by authorities giving him benefit of infamous NRO.
Lawai, close friend of President Zardari climbed ladders of success by grabbing three banks with the help of State Bank of Pakistan, the regulator.